Traveling Locavore: Leucadia, CA

Haggo's Organic Taco

Our family typically eats every meal at home during the week, but I love to eat out.  I love finding the PERFECT place to eat out.  I live in beautiful Southern California, and there are many culinary treasures to be found within driving distance.  Although we have our fair share of strip malls and chain restaurants, many old town areas have a local, village-feel, with some great local and responsible food to offer.

This last weekend we drove down to Leucadia, which is a beach town on the way down to San Diego.  Leucadia (and nearby Encinitas) is known for its surf culture, especially around the surf break “Swamis”, as well as a beachy/hippie vibe.  (Don’t be surprised to find some questionable “hippie” activities still thriving around here.)  The locavore movement is thriving in San Diego, particularly in this area.  There seems to be a strong commitment to community supported and organic agriculture, the slow food movement, and environmentally-aware living.  There are some incredible chefs running some of the restaurants on the main drag of town, but with my handy-dandy Yelp! app, I found a tiny little organic taco stand that is just our style.

Name: Haggos Organic Taco

Location: North Coast Highway, Leucadia, CA (surrounded by, like, 10 other taco places)

The menu is simple, with totally responsible and sustainable ingredients.  The kitchen is actually a converted food truck or trailer, and the patio eating area is simply adorable.  Brightly painted stoneware and other art pieces house varied succulent plants.  Classic rocker photos and other SoCal culture nuances take place on the walls and in little artistic vignettes.

Our food was a perfect lunch- local chicken and grass-fed carne-asada tacos.  Beans and brown rice accompany the taco plates.

They have food options to please everyone, and some organic drink options as well.

My favorite element of this little place was the locavore vibe that was very apparent based on the giant “Community Supported Agriculture” sign outside and the little tomato and herb garden decorating the rim of the patio.  I’m assuming my delicious tomatoes on my tacos were picked from the plant we sat next to while we ate.

Especially because of the big farmer’s market on the other side of the railroad tracks, Haggo’s Organic Taco is a perfect first stop on a stroll down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Leucadia and Encinitas on a sunny California Sunday afternoon!

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