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Sometimes I think I shouldn’t publicly get involved in the “vaccine debate”.  What if our nation eventually mandates all vaccinations, without exemption, and my family becomes a targeted enemy of the state?  My online postings will be documented proof that my children are not vaccinated.  Then I think about those thoughts and remember that I live in the United States of America.  What has become of me?  Me!? A healthy, law-abiding citizen who is a very proudly patriotic lover of the liberty my country’s Constitution secures…afraid of being hunted down like a witch because I observe my American right to make health care decisions for myself and my young.

The frustration over the vaccine issue becomes unbearable for me sometimes.  I can’t even let myself get into it here as I write this, but I can lead you in the right direction to discover more for yourself.  Here are the resources that began my journey in my informed decision making for my children regarding vaccines:

National Vaccine Information Center

Mary Tocco’s “Are Vaccine’s Safe” videos at ChildhoodShots.com 

The Greater Good Movie 

I have decided to stand up.  I want my voice to be heard.  One of the problems discussed by medical professionals on both sides of the debate is that we don’t have a way to research the health of the multiple thousands of unvaccinated children in the country.  (When was the last time you met a child with autism who was unvaccinated?)  Well, you may not be able to formally research me, but you can hear my story.  You can also hear the stories of unvaccinated and/or partially vaccinated families, as well as vaccine-injured families, in the gallery below.

We want to be heard.  We are sick of being told or treated like uneducated conspirators destined to bring death and disease to the rest of the world because we are identifying ourselves with a scientifically unfounded cause.  We are real, educated, devoted and loving parents who have made informed decisions because we have the RIGHT to protect our children from possible danger.  We don’t believe that any child’s health or being should be sacrificed for “The Greater Good”.  We believe that the health and safety of ONE CHILD is worth questioning the safety and efficacy of today’s extraordinary vaccine schedule.

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Share your story and let your voice be heard!