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3 Essential Salad Dressings

3 Essential Salad Dressings

My philosophy on dieting and eating is to get married instead of getting divorced. When we focus on breaking up with foods we are passionately in love with, we are setting ourselves up for relapse and heart break. When we allow ourselves to fall deeply, madly in love with foods that we don’t ever have...

Homemade Pickles {Lacto Fermented, Probiotic}

Homemade Pickles {Lacto Fermented, Probiotic}

Did you know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is not only lacking nutrients like vitamins and minerals, but also void of living beneficial enzymes and bacteria? We’re eating dead, processed foods and are completely afraid of “bugs”, even those that are good for us! Modern nutrition science (and subsequently the food industry) is jumping...

Basic Guide To Lacto-Fermenting Vegetables and Fruits with Recipes and Video

The process of lacto-fermentation is an ancient preservation method used in many cultures that transforms vegetables and fruits into ultra-nourishing foods, full of beneficial bacteria and enzymes.  Proper fermenting methods cause lactobacilli, bacteria that occur on most living things, to proliferate and produce lactic acid that preserves food and inhibits putrefying bacteria.  The proliferation of...

Naturally Sparkling Apple Cider…and How To Lacto-Ferment Any Juice

Lacto-fermenting foods and drinks is so easy it’s ridiculous! The process naturally preserves the food or juice, adds millions of enzymes and living probiotics, reduces the sugar (because the sugar feeds the good bacteria), and adds natural “carbonation” (in the case of juice). It’s kind of a NO BRAINER!

Perfect Pie Crust

Pie crust truly is an art, and considering that pie is extremely important to my family, I’ve spent most of my holidays in the kitchen learning the secrets of my great-grandfather’s perfect crust. I will tell you right now that one of his big secrets was Crisco (aka hydrogenated vegetable oil), which is something that...

Smoothies for Nutrient-Dense Living

Here is a recipe for a truly nutrient-dense whole food smoothie. I originally called it a “‘pregnancy” smoothie, but it’s our basic smoothie recipe we use for everyone in the family.   Whenever you see something labeled as a “pregnancy” recipe, you should consider it something you should eat- whether you are 3 years old...

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