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Can you think of someone right now who gets headaches? Has digestion issues? Needs to strengthen their immune system? Deals with emotional issues? Can’t focus? Struggles with body aches and discomfort? Weight problems? Sugar cravings?

Do you or does someone you know love to discover natural health options?

Do you LOVE being able to offer effective solutions for people in need, as well as hear their success stories after taking your advice?

When I was performing in Broadway theater I would have LOVED to have someone give me natural health advice and recommendations that actually worked. I spent years consuming over the counter medications and eating a terrible diet. I only discovered my passion for natural health out of necessity…injuries, digestive disorders, immunity problems, and hours spent daily with a physical therapist (who actually introduced me to REAL FOOD and the world of holistic health care). My journey was slow. It took years for me to learn the facts about diet, supplements, essential oils and natural health care options. I didn’t have a health mentor and had to discover holistic health facts and myths through years of reading, trial and error, college and professional experience with clients.

When doTERRA entered my life I felt like I discovered that “missing link” between the foundations of nutrition and the potent, powerful tools needed to address health issues but still use natural options. I also discovered that had I had doTERRA’s oils and products all along, I would have consolidated many years of work and study to find the natural solutions I had always needed. Today I’m able to empower families with the natural health and essential oils education they need to make major changes in their health right away. But I need helping training leaders to get out there and empower more families!  


We invite you to join our team of leaders. We want to mentor you as you build your own successful doTERRA Business!

It is no secret that doTERRA has helped our family discover a business we LOVE and financial assistance we are extremely grateful for. We are so passionate about natural health and doTERRA’s products and business opportunity is helping us match our passion for health education with the financial freedom we dream of.

We’ve created our own Steps to Building a Successful doTERRA Business planning guide and want to work through it one-on-one with those of you who are ready to pursue your passion for sharing natural health with others.

We aren’t promising fortunes or fame. We are promising proven steps toward building a sustainable business and income by consistently learning and sharing doTERRA and our REAL Health Challenge program. The success depends on you…but we are ready to meet you where you are and mentor you to achieve that success!

If this is you, we’re ready to set up a meeting or phone call right away! Contact us!

What it’s like to work with us:

  • Receive our exclusive “Steps to Building a doTERRA Business” worksheet that we will work through together
  • Weekly phone calls and ongoing voice messaging to stay connected and create “do-able” goals
  • Learning how to share and teach (you’re NOT alone)
  • Exclusive offers for your clients, including our Health Studies and gro Wellness Programs.
  • “Hand-Holding”- we mentor and support to help through every up and down in the business process
  • SUSTAINABLE: doTERRA is an “organic” business, driven by a passion for the products and a passion for natural health. As long as you are consistent and passionate about doTERRA and your clients are supported with education and communication, product orders will be made consistently and your business will be stable and sustained.
  • SUCCESS: If you are committed to the process and do not give up, you will be successful. It’s been proven by hundreds of doTERRA leaders over and over again. There is no “get rich quick” scheme, but simple consistent steps that always produce results.
  • FUN: We have a ton of fun together as a team. My leaders are some of my closest friends.

Our business is not successful unless our leaders are successful.
It is our job to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

Enough reading! We are waiting to talk to you. Whether you’re ready to jump in, knowing you want to pursue your own business with the most successful essential oils company on the planet, OR you have a ton of questions and are extremely skeptical, OR you’re somewhere in the middle- PLEASE contact us so we can set up a time to talk.

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