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Roz Mignogna, NTP, Real Food Family®Hey! I’m Roz.

I started this blog in 2006 while performing with the hit musical WICKED. Over the years this website has grown, my family has grown, and I’ve grown! Now I’m a homesteading, homeschooling, essential oils-loving, whole foods foodie-mom living on a wild acreage in the midwest with my three daughters (with baby #4 on the way!) and my amazing husband who helps keep everyone alive.

After my performing days I finished a degree in Health Arts and Sciences and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and childbirth doula. I still dance and sing, but usually it’s dancing in a Zumba or ballet class or singing on a church worship team…which is just right at this point in life!

This Real Food Family site has evolved as my life has changed dramatically over the years. If you spend enough time browsing here you’ll find some of my favorite posts about our old mountain homestead, backyard homesteading and beekeeping by the beach, or the home births of my babies.

I consistently share my passions in life that I feel are worth sharing with you. I’m a follower of Jesus and my faith pretty much leads everything I truly care about. Let me tell you right now- eternity is more important than using essential oils or eating an organic diet and I hope I never lead you to believe otherwise. With that said, I’m pretty darn passionate and opinionated about essential oils, whole foods and natural living so you’ll find a lot of that here.

I’m a “RED/GREEN” which means I’m passionate, determined and a powerful leader as well a constant dreamer who loves quiet time, really good espresso and the peace of a clean and pretty home. Those colors refer to a podcast I record with “the Kid Expert”, Kathleen Chapman. Kathleen is a temperament and parenting expert and renown speaker and author. As parent, wife and general contributor to society, I have found understanding temperaments to be life changing. Check out the podcast…I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’ll also just keep talking and talking if I’m enjoying the conversation. But I’d rather you get to browsing instead of giving you my whole life story. So…

Some of our top posts and links:


Dr. Andrea Roberson, Real Food Family®Oh, sometimes my mom weighs in here on science and health-related posts. She’s an actual medical doctor (rock star) who keeps me in line. She uses essential oils, too…in case you were wondering.

Dr. Andrea Roberson graduated from Western University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  In 1984, she began her practice as the director of an eating disorder unit, then moved on to open her own family practice. In 1984, Dr. Roberson, with the small handful of other D.O.’s in the Orange County area, started the Orange County Osteopathic Association.  Dr. Roberson served as President for six years, then served on the Board of Directors for the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California from 1987-1993.  Dr. Roberson is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Western University of Health Sciences, and runs a private family medical practice in Mission Viejo, CA. Dr. Roberson is passionate about integrating conventional medicine and holistic care, and has transformed her practice by incorporating Nutritional Therapy and natural health and healing options. Dr. Roberson is mostly passionate about her faith in Jesus Christ, as well as her husband, Gene, of 40 years, and her children, grandchildren and pets.


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