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Do you have a mommy pouch? mummy tummy? post-baby bump?

Learn why “Fit2B Diastasis Recti Workouts” are one of Real Food Family’s favorite things!

Ever since having my first baby, people have asked me when my due-date was after I had the baby!

They wouldn’t just ask this a few weeks or months after having the baby, but a year or two after!!

It got worse after my second baby came along. But now that my third baby is here, things are going to be different now that I’ve discovered Fit2B Diastasis Recti workouts!!! These short and effective therapy workouts are easy to follow in the comfort of your own home. I recommend this program to EVERY woman who has been pregnant or ANYONE who has back pain since these workouts target the core abdominal muscles that support the spine.

From Fit2B:
Many woman who have been pregnant – and a lot of men and children too – have damage to their abdominal connective tissue called a diastasis recti (DR) and this can be one culprit behind the “pregnant-pooch” or “pot gut” or “mummy tummy.” Our TummySafe workouts are effective at restoring function with a lovely side-effect of flattening and re-shaping your midsection because we avoid crunching motions that bulge the abdominal wall and take you out of alignment. We focus on the entire core cannister (transverse abdominus, diaphragm, pelvic floor & multifidus/spine) while adding surrounding muscle groups in a safely progressive manner. We also work with The Tummy Team to be sure our workouts will not undo any physical therapy, rehabilitation or natural healing.
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