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kittens ~

Life’s been a little crazy lately. We started homeschooling. That’s been fun interesting different than what I expected hard. I still love it, though, and the second day at home was way better than the first. I get to witness my daughter learning, which is amazing.

I’ve started teaching my wonderfully unique performing arts students this week, too! The first production of the year is our homecoming game half-time show, and the theme is “Heroic Heroes”, a.k.a. the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Batman…a whole bunch of stuff I don’t know anything about. I watched Spiderman a few years ago because I thought Toby McGuire was really cute in Cider House Rules and that’s pretty much all I can offer.

Only one week into the school year and my life managed to get even more interesting because this happened…


Yes, we are still moving and on the day I finally found a new home for the chickens I need to get rid of, these little guys popped out from under the chicken coop with their mom. THEN two days later the facility manager of our school found five kittens on campus and said they had to go because they were finishing an important project right in the spot where the kittens were nested. An email went out to the entire school that anyone could come take them home. The mom cat had been seen but they didn’t have time to leave the kittens and try to trap everyone. So I decided to take on another project: raise 2-week old kittens and try to trap their mom.


My mom and I spent the entire day frantically contacting everyone who took a kitten home with the hopes of getting them all back together so they could keep each other warm. Knowing how difficult it is to raise neonatal kittens successfully (training to bottle feed, feeding every few hours- even overnight, rubbing them frequently to go potty, and keeping them constantly warm enough to survive), I committed myself to fostering everyone’s kitten until they were a little older.

Why do I sign myself up for this stuff? I don’t know. I couldn’t handle the thought that any of these babies might die. I’m still praying we trap the mom today, but it’s highly unlikely.

Of course they are super cute, and cute babies is how God helps us recover from the exhaustion of caring for infants of any kind.

kittens ~ kittens ~ kittens ~   kittens ~ RealFoodFamily.comThat’s a little white kitten’s face being sat on.

kittens ~

rooster and hen protecting their chicks ~

Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you about the little cochin chick who is not happy about being “released” into the chicken yard. She follows me around and pecks my feet until I pick her up. My girls decided the chicken wouldd be better inside as a pet.

a house chicken ~

That’s a chicken in a stroller.


Have a great weekend!


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