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This is more of a personal post I’d like to share with you…

In May my beloved aunt- my mom’s only sibling- died only 16 days after learning that she had a very rare and aggressive ovarian cancer. Through a very unexpected series of events, she lost her life very quickly and her death left our entire family in shock. Most of my family has the total assurance and peace of knowing she is with her Lord and Savior Jesus in Heaven. We are the ones who suffer this tragic loss and have to wait patiently until we can see her again face to face. 

As we get older, we lose more people. That’s just a fact of life. Some loved ones die at an old age. Some loved ones die unexpectedly from disease. Some loved ones die as heroes serving in our military or in public service. It’s not that more people are dying now, it’s that as the years pass we experience more life…which includes death.

I’ve labeled this post “Life After Death” not only because of my firm faith in eternal life beyond life on earth, but because since experiencing this tragic death of my aunt (as well as my Granddaddy’s death in January and my cousin’s loss of her baby at 27 weeks pregnant) I’ve been forced to examine the meaning and purpose of my own life after these deaths. I realize how precious life is and I’m seriously questioning if I am spending my remaining moments of life here on earth the way God wants me to.

I thought I’d share three books with you that I’ve read since my aunt’s death that have really inspired me and helped me move forward with life after experiencing the loss of death. These books have motivated me to be more driven and purposeful with my life and the abundance of blessings and resources God has given me. I feel empowered and excited to move forward with raising my children, loving my husband and ministering more boldly to those in need. I’m done letting the petty, meaningless distractions in life take up all of my time!

I sincerely hope that you might find comfort in these wonderful resources, as well as encouragement and motivation to move forward with a life more focused on the things that TRULY matter.


1.  Hope for Hurting Hearts

Hope for Hurting Hearts- A Book to Comfort and Encourage Those Dealing with the Loss of Death

Life is Fragile. But Hope in Christ Lasts Forever.
The Bible calls human life a vapor. A mist. A wisp of fog. A flower that springs up in the morning and fades away by mid-afternoon. We like to think we have years to pursue our goals, raise our families, and make a difference in the world. But we just don’t know. The fact is, our stay on earth is really very brief. And when a loved one unexpectedly steps out of this life into eternity, it shakes us to the core. We ask ourselves: Is heaven real? Will I see him will I see her again? Will we be together again? How can I know for sure?

In these pages, Pastor Greg Laurie shares candidly about his own heartbreak over the sudden departure of his son Christopher to heaven and offers comfort to bruised hearts and a hope that will sustain us through this life and beyond.




2. As It Is in Heaven: How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters

As It Is In Heaven: How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters

Our lives here are so often cluttered with the “cares of this world” that we fail to consider heavenly priorities and how they should be reflected in our earthly ones. At the beginning of Jesus’ most famous prayer, He teaches us to pray that God’s will “be done on earth as it is in heaven”. What heaven is up to is critical for us to understand if we’re going to live biblically. Pastor Greg Laurie explains that heaven is anything but a long, boring church service. People in heaven know about the time and place of ongoing events on earth. They are rational and recall everything from their earthly days, but most importantly for us, they have a unique perspective from which we can learn a great deal.

In this rich and relevant study, Greg sheds scriptural light on the sensational books and stories about people going to heaven and coming back, answers the nagging questions we are all dying to ask, and guides us to focus—right now—on what really matters.




3. One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change The World

One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children To Change The World

Special Note: All of the Author’s proceeds from this book have been designated for international orphan ministry.

Will the world change your children . . . or will your children change the world?

Time is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is inviting your family to become part of a bigger story a vision that will engage your hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is an inspirational call to raise your kids to impact their culture, community, and world for Christ. If you want your kids to discover their purpose, if you want them to live with a passion for the Kingdom, if you want your family to go down in His-Story, accept the mission . . . and leave a mark for eternity.





Life After Death- Discovering a life of meaning after experiencing the pain of death #hope #encouragement #comfort


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