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REAL FAMILY Podcast: Episode 2

Did you know that the best ways to spend time with and make memories with your children and loved ones depends on their temperament? What is meaningful and the “best day ever” for one person may look completely different for someone else!

One of the best tools you could possibly have as you navigate parenting and relationships is understanding temperaments! In this episode of the Real Family Podcast with Roz Mignogna and Kathleen Chapman, we are discussing what kind of activities and ideas will be the most meaningful and exciting based on the temperaments!

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How to spend the BEST time with your kids

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We would LOVE to hear what you think about our podcast! Do you have any ideas for creating meaningful moments based on what you’ve hear here? If you have any questions, please send them our way with a comment or by contacting us. We’d love to answer questions on the next podcast!

Show Notes and Resources

Download Kathleen’s ebook on the temperaments! Know what to expect from your children and family members by understanding yours and their temperaments!

Think you child has ADD or a behavioral disorder? Sometimes it’s not a medical thing, it’s a temperament thing. But either way, we’d love to share essential oils (concentrated plant extracts) with you because they have dramatically helped us balance some frustrating behavioral issues! Either click on our essential oils page or contact Roz with questions.


Ask everyone in the family what their “perfect day” looks like. This will tell you a lot about everyone’s unique temperament. Based on your answers and what you’ve learned from the podcast, plan something memorable for each person this week! Feel free to share how it goes in the comments below!

This is such a FUN and helpful podcast!!! Every parent should listen!

This is such a FUN and helpful podcast!!! Every parent should listen!