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Real Health Podcast: Episode 1


I am LOVING recording podcasts! I started the Real FAMILY Podcast a few weeks ago and I am thrilled to announce our new Real HEALTH Podcast!!!

To listen, simply click on the YouTube video above or listen to the file below!


If you’re new to Real Food Family- Roz is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in whole-body health and natural therapy options for families. To learn more about Roz, click here.

Nicole Howard co-owns Align Pilates and Yoga Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Learn more about Nicole here. 

Roz and Nicole became friends in childbirth classes over 9 years ago and it was meant to be. Now we are letting you join our conversations about REAL health and wellness, including facts and tips about nutrition and fitness, specific natural options for health issues,


Show Notes

Minutes 0-4:55 :  Meet Nicole and Roz!

Minutes 4:55 – 8 :

  • Facets of REAL health and WHY you should care
  • What should a workout be?

Minutes 8 – 13:45 :

Minutes 13:45 – 26 :

Minutes 26 – 29 :

  • What the future of our Real HEALTH Podcast looks like


Real HEALTH Podcast- holistic nutrition and fitness experts give basic USEFUL advice for normal human beings!

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