Parenting by Understanding Temperaments: An Interview with “The Kid Expert” (part 1)

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Parenting by Understanding Temperaments from Real Food Family on Vimeo.

I recently had the distinct honor of interviewing one of my favorite people in the world: Kathleen Chapman. I’ve wanted to interview her for a long time, but she recently started a new blog,, and I had to introduce my readers to it!! Kathleen is considered “The Kid Expert” because she has worked with kids for most of her life, directing a dynamic performing arts company for kids and children’s ministries in churches. She authored an incredible book called Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, which is a timeless tool for intentional parents to use in raising their children. Kathleen’s three adult children have all continued into full-time ministry for children and families. Her daughter is the director of family ministries for one of the largest churches in America. Her oldest son is the leader of ministry for a very large private school and her youngest son is the leader of South America for an incredible ministry, Every Generation Ministries, that teaches and empowers existing churches to effectively reach out to (and often rescue) children in local communities. Kathleen now has 10 grandchildren and has become an expert in parenting. She is a sought after speaker for parenting events and travels the world teaching on the “temperaments”.

Understanding  these color-coded “temperaments” has changed my life!

I can now understand myself, my husband, and my children so deeply. I have a clear understanding of how to parent each individual child based on their temperament…something they are born with. I hope you enjoy this video series. I had a blast spending the time with Kathleen. Feel free to comment to ask Kathleen questions. 🙂

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