Weekend on the Farm- Oct 21, 2012

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Weekend on the Farm- Oct 21, 2012

Here’s a little update on the farm…

We’ve got about 28 chickens right now, 10 of which are these little guys that hatched in my incubator around the end of August. I love the cool colors I get from my “mutt” eggs!

Here is “Puffy”. He’ll puff up pretty much any time you go outside into his pen. He gets so turned on his entire comb turns blue. It’s quite a performance.

These beauties are nearing the end of their days. The white rooster will be our first real roasted chicken- raised, butchered and baked on the property! The big turkey will be Thanksgiving dinner, though we’ll probably butcher her and freeze her until then. Why? you ask. Well, the rooster is one of three on the farm, which is too many for our hens. The roosters are fighting, and this guy is the one to go. The turkey is a breed meant to get really big really fast, with giant breasts to satisfy discontented Americans who are only satisfied with their fairy-tale perfect Thanksgiving tables (we’ll be getting hertiage breeds from now on). This pretty bird can’t walk very well anymore because her body is just too big for her legs. She’s still happy waddling around finding food everyday, and she can still jump up onto the top of the chicken coop every night to sleep. But she’s ready…and it will be interesting to see if we’re ready for our first turkey butchering and processing (more on that later).

We’re enjoying cooler weather…yay!! Except, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in Southern California because we are still in fire season and the Santa Ana winds can bring in more hot, dry weather. For now we are savoring a few cloudy and wet days.

How are things in your neck of the woods?



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