Your Organic Garden- What To Do In June

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Your Organic Garden- What To Do In June
CA Native Plants: Electric Blue Sage
Electric Blue Sage

Your Organic Garden
What to do in June

Plant some natives!  Here in California we have some serious environmental issues that concern me.  One very important one is the overuse of our most valuable resource: water.  Here in Southern California, feeding our landscapes with water is where the vast majority of our water reserves go.  Unfortunately, most of the plants Californian’s like are from regions that enjoy a surplus of water throughout the year, nothing like what actually occurs here. Plants that are native to your own region only depend on the natural ebb and flow of the natural weather patterns, and therefore need very little extra attention. They also attract and sustain native wildlife, such as hummingbirds and honeybees.  Native plants are essential for organic gardening, as they attract the beneficial wildlife that protect your garden against pests and problems.  The best part of native landscaping is that the plants are all useful in some way and are so beautiful!!  Many people think of succulents or brown desert plants when they hear “native plants” (which are, in fact, mostly not native).  Native plants can be colorful, fragrant, and simply wonderful.  I’ve collected a gallery of some beauties from my own (mostly native) landscape.

Here in Orange County, I shop at Tree of Life Nursery –

I’ve named everything that I remember.  I’m sorry that some are unnamed…

Butterfly Bush
Evening Primrose
White Sage with CA Mint in background

CA Desert Rose
CA Poppy with Annie Autumn Sage
CA Bush Poppy with Black Sage in background
Annie Autumn Sage
"Hot Lips" Autumn Sage