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When you get new chicks, you have to keep them caged in the vicinity of the adult chickens for at least 30 days so that they are all friends when you let the chicks run free.

Not the case with ducklings (at least mine). And that is why I love my little ducks so much. My little adult couple have become mom and dad to the 11 ducklings.

When the ducklings first got out, Mr. Duck waddled around the yard, circling the ducklings and tilting his head to watch and study them. By the next day, the big ducks had introduced all of the ducklings to where they were supposed to sleep, drink water, the other place they sleep, the other place they drink water, the place they get out of the fence, the other place they sleep, and the different times of the night you’re supposed to wake up and quack for a while before settling into the other place to sleep.


The ducklings love getting out of the fence and into the overgrown grass. My favorite is the little yellow one with the puff on her head. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be one of those ducks with a pom-pom on their head. (I’m not a duck breed expert, obviously. I just pick what I like at the feed store when it’s chick and duckling season.)

Here are two adolescent chicks…can you name the breeds?


My little goatees are getting big and cute as ever. Sorry, all I can seem to get is butt shots of these little girlies. Oh, and this silver chicken in the front is one of my favorites…

Our neighbors are fostering a llama…her name is Ashley. We love her. If we had better fencing we would totally take her!

What’s new on your homestead?


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