This Week’s Homeschooling Theme: Independence Day {Link Party!}

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This Week’s Homeschooling Theme: Independence Day {Link Party!}

As homeschoolers, we aren’t really taking a “summer break” because my goal as a homeschooler is to make learning a natural, ongoing, exciting part of life. I’m trying to think of themes to stick to every week. This helps me design our homeschooling plans based on what’s actually happening in life and what is interesting to the kids. Of course we have camps and other things happening during the summer, so we’ll lighten the load a bit, but we’re still learning!

Of course, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to keep learning through the summer!

This week our theme is the 4th of July…or Independence Day! I’ve come up with a list of ideas for what to study, learn and do this week. I’m also going to start something new on the blog: a chance for other bloggers to share posts that fit with our weekly themes! It can be recipes, crafts, lesson plans, or any other resources that go with the theme.

I’m calling on my online “village” to help me out with our new direction in homeschooling!

Fourth of July Theme Ideas *blogger link party- add your posts* ~ Real Food Family #homeschooling #fourthofjulyrecipes #fourthofjulycrafts #fourthofjulylessons

Here’s What I Have Planned For The Week:

  • Recipes: Patriotic Fireworks Gelatin Snacks (lemonade gummy snacks with blueberries and raspberries- get gummy recipes here), 4th of July Dessert Kebabs
  • History: Learn About What the 4th of July is all about: watch Liberty Kidz on YouTube (click here for the link to part one, then you’ll be directed to watch part 2)
  • History/Social Studies: Study the Continental Congress, Independence, the Declaration of Independence, Author and Key Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Science: Discover how Fireworks Work
  • The History of the American Flag (Betsy Ross)
  • Practice the Pledge of Allegiance (and Pledge to the Christian Flag and Bible)
  • Craft: Sew or Paint an Original American Flag (sewing is optimistic)
  • Music: Learn the Star Spangled Banner
  • Bible: Read, Memorize and Journalize Bible versus and stories related to government and explain why the United States isn’t in the Bible (*My 6 year old is starting a journal of all the Bible verses she is learning both to help her memorize and practice writing.)
  • Math: Practice counting money and discover the American elements on coins and bills
  • Free Printables: Declaration of Independence, Declaration of Independence Coloring Page, American Flag, Fireworks
  • More4th of July craft ideas recently posted on Real Food Family’s “School at Home” Pinterest page

In addition to our theme stuff, we will continue working through regular math workbooks and practicing English with our Logic of English curriculum as usual.


Now it’s time to share your 4th of July Posts!

If you’re a blogger or have a website with Independence Day-themed posts you’d like to share, then add your link here! It doesn’t have to be a homeschooling post, just anything related to our theme. I’ll share my favorite links during the week on my social media pages!

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