Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden, Rabbits, and What I’m Planting

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Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden, Rabbits, and What I’m Planting

We’re moving full steam ahead with our small, but fun, little urban homestead. We got our Tower Garden started, and I can’t wait to keep you updated on it. (Don’t forget to contact me if you want to get a Tower Garden for yourself!)

Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden ~ Real Food Family

First you have to sprout seeds in little moss/foam cups. *This year we started our seeds in store-bought seed starting pods and I’m anxious to see if they’re going to work. They are made of a fake dirt, but I’m hoping the material doesn’t get into the Tower Garden water base and clog the pump. I would recommend sticking with the Tower Garden pods to avoid this problem.

Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden ~ Real Food Family

I picked a spot for the Tower Garden and got it set up…took about 5 minutes. You fill the basin with clean water, stir in the nutrient formulas, then attach the pump and plug it in. When you buy a Tower Garden it comes with all that you need- the pump, etc.- as well as a timer that you attach at the plug so the fountain alternates going on and off every 15 minutes.

Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden ~ Real Food Family

We got all the little seedlings in! This year we planted from top to bottom:

  • A few lettuces
  • Basil
  • Peas
  • Green Beans
  • Tomato
  • California Orange Bell Pepper
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Squash mix (yellow, zucchini, butternut squash and others all mixed in the seed packet)

I also started my parent’s Tower Garden with a lot more lettuces, tomatoes and squashes.

Urban Homesteading: Tower Garden ~ Real Food Family

The wonderful thing about the Tower Garden is that it provides constant hydration to the root systems, which is very difficult to maintain in California soil…not to mention our limited supply of water. I’ve tried to grow large melons in my gardens and I always kill them. They just require too much water and attention. I haven’t grown melons in my Tower Garden yet, so I’m anxious to see if this is my answer!!

The Tower Garden produces more produce than traditional in-ground growing and uses less than 10% of the water needed for traditional in-ground growing. We figure it pays for itself in 2-3 years when you factor in the savings on water and buying produce from the store. I think we pay it off way faster than that in our home because every year I spend (and waste) so much money on my gardening hobby…killing many expensive plants that I buy. The Tower Garden is a “plug and play” toy that I just LOVE. Right now it’s trickling water and making that calming water noise that a garden fountain would make. It’s so great!!

AND the Tower Garden is perfect for ANY home: from an apartment with a little balcony and no yard to a large property with lots of yard space! You can even grow things inside the house with a few hours of direct daily sunlight or a UV light. The Tower Garden requires no dirt for growing and the vertical “aeroponic” system makes it weed free and easy to tend to without bending down to the ground. There are many different reasons why a Tower Garden might be perfect for you, so I encourage you to check it out!


In case you want an update on the rest of our little yard, our garden is doing pretty well! (See how we started a few weeks ago.) It hasn’t been super warm or sunny since planting, but now that we’re having hotter days with more direct sunlight, and we’re further into spring, the plants are taking off. We like to let the bunnies hang out on the grass for a while every day. They’re happy!


Next we have to work on the other little section of the yard. I have a pomegranate tree I’m going to plant and the soil is really workable so I’m going to add another section of in-ground herbs and veggies. That pole you see in the front of this picture was left from a fence that was there before. I want to turn it into a mini tether ball court for the kids. We’ll see…that may be a really bad idea. 😉

I also am planning to start my bee hive soon! I can’t wait. I love having bees!


How’s your garden growing so far? Don’t forget, if you want learn more about the Tower Garden, visit my Tower Garden website or contact me so we can chat about it!

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