Tower Garden Update- 4 weeks since transplanting & Chicks!!!

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Tower Garden Update- 4 weeks since transplanting & Chicks!!!

I have been MIA for almost a month now- I’m sorry! I just finished producing my yearly high school musical (this year was “Little Women”) which literally takes everything out of me. Just keeping up with family life has been a struggle, so the blog had to go on the back burner. I have, however, kept up my garden and have managed to take a step further into my backyard homesteading adventure with new baby chicks!

Here are a few pictures of the Tower Garden only 4-5 weeks after transplanting the little seedlings. It never ceases to amaze me how fast Tower Garden plants grow! (Check out this post to see everything I planted.) And even though I said I’ve managed to keep up my garden…with the Tower Garden that pretty much entails checking once a week to make sure there’s still water in the tank.

The Tower Garden- Aeroponic gardening ~ Real Food Family #sustainableliving #organicgardening #aeroponics #hydroponics

While the Tower Garden eliminates most pests, I noticed a few aphids on one plant…then I saw this little red guy came to eat them all up!The Tower Garden- Aeroponic gardening ~ Real Food Family #sustainableliving #organicgardening #aeroponics #hydroponics

Don’t forget, you can have a Tower Garden just like mine. I sell these wonderful contraptions and would love to chat with you about getting your own. Check out my Tower Garden site, or feel free to contact me directly with questions!

And now for the chicks…

Baby Chicks- Easy Backyard Homesteading ~ Real Food Family #sustainableliving #organicgardening #homesteading #urbanhomesteading
On the way home from a homeschool field trip last week, I saw a feed store and made the impulse decision to bring chicks home. (Just an incentive for my husband to make a coop!) We’ve been planning on having a small backyard coop of chickens to give us a few home raised eggs and help us compost our food trash so we don’t waste. It’s amazing how much we throw away now that we don’t have chickens when we used to be able to just guiltlessly give kitchen scraps to the chickens for recycling into fertilizer and nutritious eggs. I’m looking forward to keeping these beautiful Buff Orpingtons fat and happy with our kitchen scraps. I also can’t wait to eat some homegrown eggs again. If I’m successful at all my endeavors, I will prove to the world how even a small little yard can sustainably produce a lot of food for a family. You don’t need to live on acres of land! (I say that now, but just wait ’til I’m dying to raise goats or a milk cow again!)

I’ll keep you updated on all our backyard homesteading adventures!