Step #1: Follow Our Steps to REAL Health

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Step #1: Follow Our Steps to REAL Health

Welcome to Change #1 in our “12 Steps to Change Everything” series!

Our first change is to learn about our STEPS TO REAL HEALTH.


After years working with families and clients, reading endless blogs with sensationalized headlines, getting frustrated with modern medicine and passionate health debates, I’ve landed on an approach to health and wellness that I believe is the best. I call this my STEPS TO REAL HEALTH.

This 12-post series of health changes we are sharing must start with understanding our STEPS. It’s a away for you to get to know me and start thinking about your health choices more intentionally, with as much education as possible.

After this first change of understanding our Steps to REAL Health we will share 11 simple food, fitness and dietary changes you can implement right away that will drastically change your diet and wellness lifestyle!

UPDATE: Now that we finished this series, you can read ahead to all 12 Changes HERE!